Goosey Fibers Rose Cardigan Knitting Kit - Princess Colorway Merino Sport Yarn

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Goosey Fibers Rose Cardigan Knitting Kit - Princess Colorway Merino Sport Yarn

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This yarn was purchased as a kit to make:

Rose by Andrea Mowry

This kit is enough yarn to make XS-L. Can make XL and XXL if you adjusted the sleeve length as described below (Color A is a little short) - 10 skeins total in kit

This open cardigan is a true adventure in knitting! Combining unique sideways construction, cables, fading and exposed seams to create a flattering oversized dolman style sweater that looks great on all types of figures! Knit in one color or four, to suit your style! This sweater has a beautiful curved underarm that creates a lot of drape for an oversized look, with long, slim cuffs that give you different styling options. You can either wear them long, to accentuate the slender portion of your arm, or cuff them for a shorter sleeve!

Sizes: XS (S, M, L)(XL, XXL)

To fit an actual chest circumference of: 28-32 (34-38, 40-44, 46-50)(52-56, 58-62) inches


Sport weight in 4 colors to create a cohesive fade

Color A: 250 (285, 302, 320)(355, 355) yds/70 (80, 85, 90)(100, 100) g

Color B: 330 (340, 355, 390)(420, 430) yds/93 (96, 100, 110)(118, 120) g

Color C: 690 (790, 850, 950)(1025, 1060) yds/195 (222, 240, 268)(290, 300) g

Color D: 625 (710, 755, 840)(900, 910) yds/175 (200, 212, 236)(254, 256) g

This kit is enough yarn to make through size Large and if you changed the fading as per the pattern can go as high as XXL - 10 skeins

Goosey Fibers Sport Weight (328 yds/100 g)

Color A: It’s A Family Name - 1 skein

Color B: Impregnate The Prom Queen - 2 skeins

Color C: I Don’t Think I Belong Here - 4 skeins

Color D: It’s Not Like I’m A Defective - 3 skeins