Corduroy Fabric

Corduroy – A fabric with a pile that is usually in rows that are parallel to the selvedge. The pile is formed by weaving the fabric with two types of picks – binder picks that ‘hold the fabric together’, and pile picks that go over an number of warps on the face side of the fabric. The pile picks are sliced open after weaving in a process known as cutting. The ridges are built so that clear lines can be seen when the pile is cut. The fabric is then desized and bleached, and then brushed to develop the pile into uniform races that are known as wales. Corduroy is classified by the number of wales or cords to the inch. The foundation of the fabric can be either a plain or twill weave. It is traditionally made of cotton but may be cotton blends or other fibers as well. Of all cotton fabrics, corduroy is the warmest because its wales form an insulated cushion of air. It is common in men’s women’s and children’s apparel especially trousers.
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