Why nature is good for the soul in more ways than you would think...

Why nature is good for the soul in more ways than you would think...

The fashion industry is huge, and with so much throw away fashion the world is drowning in discarded vanity. In this post, we’ll be looking at the perks of wool over synthetics, for the environment and for you.

It can’t be denied that the touch of wool is something to make you smile. Where synthetic fiber can feel decidedly average, there is something utterly heavenly about the warm caress of a wool garment. But what does that mean for your skin? Well, when compared to polyester, wool is much more breathable. This has the added bonus of keeping away sweat, but even if you do find yourself a little on the warm side, wool is the way to go. The odor control is far superior from our little, furry friends.

If you have sensitive skin, wool comes highly recommended. It is less catching and creates less static. 

By purchasing wool, you are supporting an all-natural product. This not only prevents your skin from absorbing any chemicals (like sulphuric acid in rayon or ethylene glycol in polyester) but it reduces the carbon footprint. Wool is a sustainable source of yarn, meaning that it does not use up fossil fuels in its manufacturing. Many synthetic materials have plastic in them. 

Washing temperatures are reduced with wool and because of the way they are formed smell travel through them, rather than clinging to the surface, they can be washed less often. That’s a win for the environment and your electricity bill. 

50% of the weight of wool is pure, organic carbon, making it a plant-friendly yarn to buy. Sheep are a part of the natural cycle, converting carbon stored in the plants they eat into wool. 

It is one of the most recycled fibers, making up 5% of all recycled fiber markets. This means that replacements are lower, reducing the carbon footprint further and when they reach the end of their lifespan, they are readily biodegradable.

Invest in wool for comfort and a clean conscience.

Written By Bandi Crawford for Tinkknit.

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