Uses Of Wool You Never Knew

Uses Of Wool You Never Knew

Wool has been a historic staple, used for beds, clothes, and bandages. Or at least, that is how we know it. Wool actually has a remarkable history, being the unsung hero of many lifetime achievements and being found in more places than you might expect. In this article, we will discuss our top 5.

1. Space, a sheep-based frontier 

That’s right. Astronauts wear wool. This is a trend developed by mountain climbers, polar scientists, and sailors. Because the fabric has such a comfortable feel and retains heat so well, it makes for a perfect uniform to the far reaches – including the stars. NASA approved space wear as we know it, and a big part of that, is wool. Strangely enough, wool is fire resistant and does not melt when burned so is also used in the firefighter uniform, making it a fibre of heroes

2. Mopping up chaos

There are many industrial uses of wool, but one that sounds like it was a fantasy novel is the absorbent pass for big oil spills. It might sound like Terry Pratchett wrote it into existence to fix some arcane act in a waterlogged, rural city but the truth is, they are used near oil rigs and factories.

3. It’s a home run for wool

Wool makes for excellent packing, so much so that there are 370 years of wool windings tightly packed into baseball. This is what gives them their resilience. Even the professional players of Major League Baseball use balls packed this way. This means that even those of us throwing around a ball in their backyard has the same equipment as the greats, at least for the ball

4. Helping the planet in more ways than one

Wool is known for its natural and eco-friendly qualities, but did you know that it is also a fertilizer? That’s right. Because of the carbon content in wool (from the plants eaten by the animal) and its biodegradable composition, wool makes for an excellent fertilizer for plants. In many ways the process works like a compost heap, giving nutrients to anything it grows near

5. Cut short

Have you ever seen goth girls or maybe some at a music festival with extraordinary dreadlocks in a range of colors? To the touch, they are soft as sheepskin, and there is a reason why. These are wool, hair extensions. Thicker than human hair extensions and higher quality than synthetics, they are often a top choice for nature lovers interested in looking unique

So those are just a few, which do you think are the weirdest? Do you know any that are even more shocking? Let us know in the comments below

Written By Bandi Crawford for Tinkknit.

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