5 Questions With Three Irish Girls

5 Questions With Three Irish Girls


1. What got you interested in Fiber Arts, Knitting, Crochet, Weaving, Spinning, Dying and more?
I started knitting when I lived overseas in New Zealand. I took to it like fish to water and loved it. I had always been creative by nature as i grew up as Ballet Dancer, Ballroom and Latin dancer, painter and arround crafty...So when I moved back the the States and my friend was moving her dye business to Duluth, MN I jumped at the chance to see what it was all about. No one sets out in life to be a fiber artist per say as I have a degree in conflict resolution- I just fell into it and the rest is history as I love what I do totally and completely.

2. If you were to describe yourself as a color, what would that color be? Why?

Erin McFarland, Owner and Creative Director of Three Irish Girls Yarn Inc. I am a cancer and my controlling planet is the moon (not that i read to much into it) so I am not one color but it all depends on my mood- when I am ON and excited I am Raspberry Pink/Lipstick Pink, when I am relaxed and content I am a soft periwinkle, when I am meditative and reflective i am turquoise, when I am outright happy I am sunshine yellow. I believe we truly connect to colors for one reason or a another due to a memory or feeling. I relate to the Raspberry as it is is a confident color, periwinkle as it is a dreamlike color that just makes you want to take t hat needed exhale, turquoise is a a serene color that centers me, and yellow is the color of smiling from the inside out that makes joy.

3. What's a motto that you live your life by?

It is more a song: Float On by Modest Mouse: Now don't you worry we'll all float on alright That song keeps my problems in perspective- all small stuff in the grand scheme of things

4. What is your favorite thing that you've ever created? And for S&G Your least favorite?

I am proud of the colorways that have stood the test of time- I created Everlasting Gobstopper and Fireside Chat and they are still favorites amongst our customers. So my least favorite that I created- not that it is not a beautiful colorway but that it is a bitch to make- Fire Dance- I created a monster when I created this colorway.

5. What's a piece of advice about crafting, life or both that you'd like to pass along?

The world of yarn/ fiber arts is happy and inclusive- if you find yourself not being either of those time to check yourself.. Tell yourself in the midst of someone else bs/drama- Not My Monkey, Not My Circus In life, let inspiration lead you- it will take you to places hat you have never imagined.

A few Of my Favorite Patterns

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